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Hi, I'm Bjornen.

Page builders did not exist back then...

I grew up during the 80's and 90's. When I started to write code, it was all about HMTL and CSS in Windows Notepad. That's how I learned the basics. There were no pre made frameworks or libraries for JS and CSS and neither did page builders exist. I learned by trial and error, by reading and studying.

I later on got into WordPress, WooCommerce and security while learning more about speeding things up and protecting privacy and user data. You see, for me it has never been about animations or fancy stuff, it has always been about clean code and fast loading websites - no matter if it's a WordPress website or not. So why the animation on this site? To show you that I know how.

I'm 42 today. I've been coding since I was 15. I make fast and secure websites, that's what I do. And I love what I do.

What to expect with me.

#1: Advice and mock-up's. I'll give you advice, show you mock-up's and provide examples of good VS. poor. In the end - it's up to you.

#2: Honest and open feedback. Ask and I'll answer. I expect the same from you in return. Without this, it won't work.

#3: Fast as hell. It's all about a great user experience through a well designed, cached and ready to go, blazing fast website - right?


#1: mommees, a local restaurant. Custom theme, custom functions.

#2: annwelander, a minimalistic HTML and CSS website for a local therapist.

#3: ad70, chocolate in all shapes and forms. Custom WooCommerce loyalty program.

Email me

Per hour. Per project. You decide.

With 800+ functions already made, I also write code on demand.

Simple HTML

Clean, simple and ultra fast with a mobile-friendly navigation. No plugins, no theme, no updates. Runs fast on shared hosting. Will load, even on a mobile connection, in milliseconds.

Flat fee: €99


WordPress is bloated and pretty slow compared to its competitors. Adding plugins makes it even slower. It requires skills and knowledge, building a custom WordPress site that's fast.

Flat fee: €199


From code in your functions file into its own page in WordPress admin. Conditions for what to load and when. Full control instead of editing code.

Flat fee: €69


A blank theme with blank templates, allowing you to build your own site using Gutenberg or the page builder of your choice.

Flat fee: €79


Shit will hit the fan, it's just a matter of time. When it does, the solution is usually pretty simple and straightforward. Just make sure you know what you're doing.

Per hour: €20


Loyalty discounts. One-page-checkout without the cart. A blank theme with blank page templates, allowing you to continue building and designing your site.

Flat fee: €199

Get in Touch.

I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Base location.

The world.

hello@bjornen.io +46 762 599 919

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